How did the kimono come to express the sophistication of a culture and the epitome of femininity?

This garment is one of a kind: extreme simplicity of the pattern resulting in no waste of fabric, and a straight, starched shape, completely concealing the body and erasing its materiality.

Art is then expressed in the weaving, the sophistication of the decor and the patterns. Beauty gives birth to a feeling of absolute and well-being. Such is the Kimono design.



Manaus is a city located on the banks of the Rio Negro in northwestern Brazil. It is the only city with access to the nearby Amazon rainforest. 

This city has become the heart of the magnificent film Aguirre, the Wrath of the God.

Magnificent foliage, density, shadows, dazzling luxury, here is the exclusive design*, printed on a patterned jacquard. A spirit of magnified nature.

* Design Madeleine Castaing
© Copyrights Collection Codimat For Jules Flipo



« I discovered this thing that musicians know well, when you know how to use an instrument, even if it is as simple as a bamboo, you are never alone again » (j. Joffo).

Wonder of colors on a plain worked background, here is the discovery of the Bamboo design.



Japanese garden 

(日本庭園, Nihon teien) comes from ancient Japanese tradition.

In Japan, landscaping is an important and respected art, sharing aesthetic codes with calligraphy and wash. The Japanese garden seeks to interpret and idealize nature by limiting artifices. Some of the most famous gardens in the West and in Japan are « Zen gardens », made up of gravel or streaked sand.

This design takes up the refined and zen spirit of the magnificent Japanese gardens with subtly mixed background colors.



« The dictionary is full of paths and intersections. A labyrinth where it is pleasant to get lost, a maze where you stumble upon precious stones at every step. »

How not to think of this famous quote from Jean-Yves Soucy? The Labyrinth design is a hidden treasure in each finely crafted lines of matte and slightly shiny threads.

San Andreas


The San Andreas Fault is a continental fault located in California.

The design is inspired by this precarious geology, simple and complex at the same time, to offer this magnificent feeling that nature is stronger than anything.

White and black palettes are used to support the simplicity and complexity of the design. The lines of contrasts wonderfully underline the vagaries of ancient nature.



Fuji is an evocative design of the

magnificent Mount Fuji located in Japan.

It is made up of several successive layers of materials, succeeding each other harmoniously but with lifelines as a reminder of the existence of the famous volcano.

Fuji takes this magnificent succession of land and snow striking the minds of visitors with its natural beauty.



Our Bauhaus design takes up the idea of architecture and design in a form of timeless modernity.

The combination of curves and straight lines form colored subsets in a variety of contrasting materials.

This obvious mixture is yet subtle as the applied arts of the famous movement want it to be.