The adventure began in 1867, when Jules Flipo from Tourcoing, riding the wave of the industrial revolution, set up a workshop in his garden with a few looms bought in England. Lille was then the processing center for wool imported from England, and Jules Flipo specialized in weaving carpets using the traditional method of high quality.

  • Economic growth

    In 1900, the activity is in full growth and encourages the founder Jules Flipo to enlarge the factory. The looms weave magnificent jacquard carpets by the kilometer.

  • War 14-18

    During the post-war period, the third Flipo generation did everything possible to get out of the crisis and in 1925 built a new 17,000 m2 factory and a showroom in Paris.

  • 5Th generation

    In 1987, Jules Flipo restructured to modernize the company by investing in a 1,700m2 storage building extension and new manufacturing and research tools. Made-to-measure becomes the specialty of weaver Jules Flipo

  • Takeover by Louis de poortere

    In 1989, the family business was taken over by the Belgian group Louis De Poortere. The acquisition of the company positions the group as one of the European leaders in high-end woven wilton jacquard.

  • Textile crisis

    With the financial crisis, Louis De Poortere is restructuring. Jules Flipo resists alone.

  • January 15, 2018

    The future of Jules Flipo sees again the group Louis De Poortere. An industrial and ambitious plan has been put in place to promote Jules Flipo's unique know-how.

  • The rug collection

    Jules Flipo is reinventing itself by creating a unique collection of flat woven rugs. A varied range of carpets, colorfully designed, able to sublimate the most beautiful interiors.