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Jules Flipo Manufacture

Carpet and rug designer

Since its creation in 1867, Jules Flipo has crossed eras and styles with the greatest respect for traditional Wilton weaving.
With its unique know-how, Jules Flipo has been entrusted with many prestigious projects, making the brand a leader in the high-end carpet market.

In 153 years of existence, the manufacture has built up a unique library of more than 20,000 original drawings. An invaluable source of creativity, our designs are regularly updated.

years of experience and know-how

Thanks to magnificent creations in Wilton rugs and carpets, Jules Flipo has left his mark on luxury in decoration.

Created in 1867, Jules Flipo has always remained true to its international reputation as one of the biggest influencers in interior decorations. His numerous creations have been embellished all over the world and used in many famous places and private interiors alike.

A unique know-how coupled with exclusive creative qualities has endured across
the ages with timeless aesthetics.

It is in this spirit that Jules Flipo decided to launch its first collection of flat woven

Attentive to the quality of its creations, Jules Flipo has developed an exclusive design, close to the current desires of floor decoration, harmoniously combining designs and colors.

« A collection of varied, colorful, drawn rugs, able to enhance the most beautiful interiors. »    

Jules Flipo called it simply: The Collection


Design your woven carpet with our Color House programme, available in widths ranging from 200 to 400cm in jacquard or even up to 457cm in plain. Enjoy a wide choice of colors from our 212 stock colors for guaranteed service.


Assembled, our narrow widths can also form a carpet.


Take the game and become a designer for a moment by designing the stairway of your dreams. Available in 60, 70, 80 and 90cm wide, in a large choice of 212 stock colors.

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